Horizontal machining centre HMC630

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Horizontal machining centre HMC630
Horizontal machining centre HMC630
Standard Equipement
Coolant system
Fully cartered
Automatic centralized lubricating system
Work lamp
Pneumatic system for cleaning spindle taper
Tool magazine
Alarm signalling system
Leveling layingfoot
Coolant system for spindle
C.T.S. coolant through spindle (30 bar)
n. 2 spring chip conveyor
Automatic turning off M30
Heat exchanger for electric board
Serial exit RS 232
Keys' box
Chain chip conveyor
Trasformer 45KVA
CE conformity
Colore RAL7035 & 5021

Tecnical information

Working Area
X/Y/Z axis travel mm 1050/800/880
Distancebetweenpallet and spindle (centre) mm 100-900
Distance betweenpallet(centre) andspindle nose mm 150-1030
Distance from table and floor mm 1250
Rapid feeds (X Y Z) m/min 48, 48, 48
Pallet size mm x mm 630x630
Max. loadpermitted for each pallet kgs 1200
Max. tool size (øxH) mm x mm 1050x1000
Pallet Indexing degree 0.001 (*1)
Pallet change time sec 15
Spindle speed rpm 10000
Spindle power kw 25/30
Spindle transmission Electric spindle
Spindle attack BT-50
Tool Change ATC
Tool magazine capacity 40
Max tool diametre Mm 125
Max. tool diametre withoutside tool Mm 250
Max. tool lenght Mm 400
Max. tool weight Kgs 20
Tool change time (tool - tool) Sec. 3
Tool change time (chip - chip) Sec. 9
Feed motors kw 7.0/6.0/7.0
Indexing motors kw 4.0
Compressor for spindle cooler kw 0.4
Refrigerating pump kw 0.4
Area on floor mm x mm 7560x4550
Machine heigth mm 3405
Approx. weigth kgs 18000
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