Vendita e assistenza tecnica macchine utensili / retrofitting

Technical assistance

C.N.S. srl guarantees its own technical assistance on all the products sold, covering the whole sales area with a daily assistance by its own staff.

C.N.S. srl offers to its customers specialized technicians, trained to deal with any kind of occurrence and problem, also thanks to the great number of spare parts available in the warehouse.

C.N.S. srl guarantees the regular scheduling of the maintenance and is able to react promptly in order to meet urgent needs, assuring to its customer a rapid problem solving in the minimum time is possible.

C.N.S. Srl, cooperating, moreover, with the branch offices of Piemonte, Lombardia, Triveneto, South Italy, France, UK, Belgium and Austria is able to increase its operating potential through the exchange of material and consultancies.

The mechanical, electrical and electronic technical assistance is provided for the following machines:

  • Vertical machining centres: CNS by Kent, CNS by Fulland.
  • Horizontal turning centres: CNS by Alex Tech and vertical
  • Horizontal machining centres by CNS
  • Lathes and machining centres by OLIVETTI, OCN-PPL, OCN srl, OCN 2000, PPR, SUPERMATIC, MENTI, BIGLIA, generic lathes and machining centres with operation, motoring and controlling devices similar to OCN-PPL, (see: GE Fanuc, Selca, Siemens, RQ, Inductosyn, Contor, Vector, 8600, Serie 10, Baumuller, ABB, AEG, Elettrocraf, Elettrostemi, Elge, Ghisalba, IEG, Indramat, Inland, Irci, Isoflux, Osai, Poletti osta, Sce, Scram and Biscram, Silectron, Sitra).
  • Machining centres by EIKON
  • Distribution control desks "Inspector" by OCN srl
  • Micro milling machines: "Micromill", UTAS 2000 and "Sigma Robot"
  • Lathes by COMEC

It is worth pointing out the fact that C.N.S. Srl, besides offering a specialized technical assistance service for the electronic and mechanical part of machine tools equipped with CNC, also offers other services such as:

  • Consultancy by telephone
  • Programming services and courses
  • Technical assistance courses
  • Complete overhauling at our premises
  • Application and automation
  • Connections from the numeric control for data transfer
  • Retrofitting on any kind of CNC machine with control application: OSAI series 8600 and series 10, FANUC, SELCA and SIEMES
  • Proposal on the customer's specific request of stipulation of technical assistance contracts and/or set-value assistance services cards
  • Laser controls on your own machine for straightaway check and ball-bar (interpolation of 2 axles)

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