C.N.S. srl is glad to introduce you its retrofitting activity on machine tools and, specifically, on machining centres, lathes and grindings.

Replacement of old CNCs with state-of-the-art CNCs such as FANUC, SIEMENS, SELCA, OSAI, ECC.

Replacement of D.C. motorization equipments with Brushless A.C. motorization equipments of the OSAI, FANUC, INDRAMAT, ELETTROSISTEMI, TDE MACNO e CONTROL TECNIQUES kind.

Adjustment to the norms in force concerning machining centres and lathes with the relevant expert's report.

Mechanical overhauling with:

  1. Ways grinding.
  2. Replacement of turcite.
  3. Scraping and adaptation of running surfaces.
  4. Replacement of cables and wiring harnesses.
  5. Replacement of ballscrews.
  6. Re-engineering and remaking of electrical cutout boxes.
  7. Issue of laser and Ball bar certificates.
  8. Increase of the speed and acceleration of several servomechanisms.
  9. Application of electric spindles.
  10. Sanding and total revarnishing of the machine.
  11. Engineering and manufacturing of pieces and automatisms on the customer's request.
16 November 2015
Rivol traditional lathe
09 September 2014
Rivol traditional lathe visualised on 3 axis
Hitachi Seiki lathes
13 August 2014
Horizontal machining centre Hitachi Seiki
01 December 2008
Horizontal machining centre multi pallet a CNC
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